Wooden Raspberry Pi Zero Portable

This week I finally finished an old project of mine: A wooden Raspberry Pi Zero Portable. I started the project in 2019 and I never got to finish it up, until now.

Internals of the Portable

The case was printed with Colorfabb Woodfill. The wooden look and feel is definitely there, but with some sanding, staining and varnishing I could have achieved better results, but oh well.

I used a Raspberry Pi Zero, since its small form factor makes it easier to portablize. For the screen I used a Hyperpixel 4.0 DPI display, to avoid the blurriness of a composite screen.

For LiPo charging and discharging and boosting the voltage I used an Adafruit PowerBoost 1000C. Sound was done using a USB sound card, which is connected to a port on the USB Hub I included. There is a headphone jack as well, which shuts down the PAM8403 audio amplifier using the enable pin on the IC when headphones are plugged in.

For the controls, I used small SMD tact switches under the 3D printed white buttons. The bottom 4 control buttons use 7mm standard tact switches. All these switches go into an Arduino Pro Micro, which emulates a USB Gamepad HID.

It has two micro USB ports exposed, one for charging and the other one for plugging in USB devices.

Thats pretty much it! If you wanna leave me some feedback, write a comment below, I am always happy to receive comments!

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